Wonderful Energies Healing Given

Everything in our world that we see and in all our existence that we do not see, is made of energy. Energy, which is not really solid and (sometimes) “still”, as our eyes would have us believe, but energies that are vibrating at different rates of frequency, from extremely slow and heavy, right through to an extremely fast and “fine” rate of frequency. For instance, a rock, which appears to be solid, will be vibrating at a slow and very dense rate and this is why it appears to us as “solid”. A flower, a tree will be vibrating at a quicker rate. Then creatures, animals etc. quicker still and humans at a faster rate, through to the time we “discard” our physical body and journey to the spiritual planes and our spirit will be vibrating at such a high, or fast rate of frequency that most people will be unable to see spirit and the spirit realms with their material eyes.

Think of the frequencies of sound and light on the Homepage. The television picture that is transmitted from the studio to your TV set, you do not see the energy of the picture, until it is picked up on the set and similarly with Radio waves etc. and so on!

Although we have been given, when we come into this world, a natural self-healing ability, so that given the right circumstance, the physical body should recover from illness or disease by itself, sometimes because of continuous stress and negative thinking, we cause ourselves to be isolated from this refilling and healing mechanism and we become, or, remain ill. This is why we are truly fortunate and blessed to have been given the use of the wonderful energies of healing from the higher realms and around us, to act as a catalyst, lifting us from anxieties, depressions etc., and allowing our own healing ability to restore harmony between mind, body and spirit. So when we have reached the required development and understanding, we are able to access this healing power to help ourselves and others.

Often people do not receive closure in life. Let it be about losing a friend temporarily or someone close to your heart lost forever. The effect of the event could have left you hurt and disturbed. A psychic reading could bring you the closure in life that you need to move on. A loose-ended situation often boggles the mind.


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