What Makes The Office a Great TV Show?

The Office is one of the best television shows that people have ever seen in the last decade. The show aired on NBC from March 24, 2005 to May 16, 2013, for a total of nine seasons. Based on the 2001-2003 BBC series of the same name by Ricky Jarvis and Stephen Merchant, Saturday Night Live is an American fit for TV by King of the Hills and veteran Simpsons author Greg Daniels. If you are a fan of this television show, then you must be wondering why it is also the favorite of other people as well, right? So, here are the top factors that tell you a lot about the tv show.

Camera work –

regardless whether you are watching a movie or a TV show, the camera work is one of the few things that makes or breaks any film. In The Office we have seen a documentary camera style cinematography that features constant zooming and focuses on the characters’ expressions. This helps you to get a more closer and detailed look at the characters. The overall camera work is very good and the director has focused a lot on the direction. Camera work of the show gives it a wonderful edge over other shows that we can see now.

No laughing track –

Personally, this is one of the main reasons The Office is full of humor. We have seen in different shows that the production team has added laughing tracks to their episodes. The way The Office characters react to the dialogs and other scenarios in the tv show makes the people laugh. The absence of the laughing track helps the audience to focus on the jokes and storytelling as well. It allows you to make you laugh very hard.

Steve Carell as Michael Scott –

Steve Carl goes beyond the oddity of Michael Scott, a character who embodies the desire for love that exists within all of us. Like everyone else, Michael has certain qualities that keep people from becoming friends with him. What he truly has for Michael is his tenacity and his humorous qualities. You’ll see that the character’s reactions are definitely tiring, so Michael can stifle the audience’s empathy and make them laugh hysterically. Steve surely makes it work.

Mix of emotions and feelings –

the show has a mix of wonderful feelings and emotions that can entertain any person. The many characters in the show have different roles to play and each of them are given a great way to show their feelings. The audience can relate to the characters very well and that is why you can easily laugh and be sad about their situations. The overall mix of emotions and feelings of this television show is one of the best reasons why the tv show has made such a huge impact.

So, here are the different reasons that make The Office one of the best shows. You should check out office trivia here and find out more details about the tv show very easily now.


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