What is the perfect CBD dose? A guide according to disorders and uses

The most common dose of CBD oil is 20 to 40 mg per serving. Some people take much less (up to 1 mg), others much more (up to 100 mg). Depending on the strength of the product you use, this could be anywhere from a few drops to several milliliters of oil. For capsules or CBD Gummies, you may need between 1 and 5. The truth is that the optimal dose of CBD is different for each person. It is common for two people of the same weight to respond very differently to the same dose of CBD. The ideal dose for one person may be 30 mg of CBD, while the other person responds best with just 10 mg. The ideal dose of CBD for you depends on a number of factors, including – your height and weight, the severity of the condition you want to treat, your tolerance to CBD, your individual body chemistry, and the potency of the CBD oil, capsule, gummy, or other product you are using.

CBD dosage for anxiety, stress, convulsion, good skin and healthy appetite

An effective dose of CBD oil for relieving symptoms of anxiety or chronic stress is typically in the moderate to strong range of the spectrum. However, some people with anxiety disorders who are especially sensitive to CBD may only need a low dose. When using CBD oil to control anxiety levels, it is best to start with a low dose to see how the body responds. If you don’t see any improvement, increase to the moderate dosage below. For best results, take CBD oil first thing in the morning and repeat around lunchtime. 

CBD dosage for chronic pain, inflammation, bowl movement, rashes and allergies

For mild pain and inflammation on skin, such as low-grade arthritis, mild PMS pain, skin rashes and inflammation, or lower back pain, a mild or moderate dose of CBD oil will do the job. For more severe pain, such as neuropathic pain or cancer, you will likely have to use a heavy dose of CBD oil. The time it takes to notice improvement depends on the underlying condition that is causing the pain. Faster effects for treating joint pain or arthritis can also be obtained by using a CBD pain reliever cream along with your CBD oil.

CBD dosage to promote sleep, Alzheimer, lever disorder

CBD oil has been shown to improve both the quality and duration of sleep. However, studies report that the effective dose of CBD oil as a sleep aid is higher than for other conditions. If your goal is to improve the quality of your sleep, aim for a strong dose of CBD oil.  Low doses of CBD (less than 10 mg) can have a stimulating effect, while higher doses (20 mg or more) are usually much more sedating. Certain types of CBD extracts also tend to have a greater impact on sleep. 

CBD dosage for depression, anxiety, and weakness

CBD oil is helpful in managing the symptoms of many mood disorders, including depression. Finding the right dose of CBD oil for depression may require some trial and error. The underlying processes that cause depression don’t happen overnight, and they won’t go away overnight either. It may be necessary to take CBD oil supplements for several weeks or months to see improvement.


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