Top 5 Brands of Hemp CBD Flower Strains

Cannabidiol is in high demand as a result of the growing number of nations and countries pledging to make marijuana use entirely legal. It aids patients in overcoming a variety of ailments and disabilities, including nausea, anxiety, pain management, and epilepsy treatment. Hemp flower is the most bioavailable of all CBD products, making it a frontrunner. So, if you’ve been looking for the best brands selling the highest-quality CBD flowers, we hope our review will support you. We have answers to those fiery questions, in addition to sharing our top tips for a more convenient shopping experience! Hemp is a bio-accumulator by itself. Agricultural contaminants, such as fertilizers and pesticides, accumulate in it. As a result, it’s vital to buy CBD flower from businesses that practice ecological and organic farming. You’ll not only have safer hemp flowers on the table, but you’ll also save money. You’ll also be supporting local farmers’ needless labor.

Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals, the top CBD flower brand of the year, is first on our list. It has been providing premium hemp buds and flowers to the CBD industry for many years, both of which are exceptionally high in CBD. Hemp is grown entirely naturally in the United States and does not contain any additives. The flower strains are available in a bottle or as a pre-rolled box. It now has more than 20 high-potency flower strains, with Lifter being one of the most well-known. It received the Golden Grow Award for 2020. Lactose, gluten, and chemical preservatives or additives are all absent from their products. Cheef Botanicals is passionate about organic methods, which you’ll see in all of their formulas.

CBD American Shaman

When it comes to herbal, terpene-rich CBD goods, we think CBD American Shaman is another king. It has one of the most diverse hemp flower strain ranges on the market. Aside from oil and flowers, the company also sells some incredible lotions and creams. The hemp flower, on the other hand, isn’t cheap. However, you can be assured that they are manufactured with consistency and protection in mind. They’re also non-GMO and environmentally friendly. It won’t be difficult to find the right product for you. The strains come in a wide range of varieties and types.


Cannaflower offers a diverse range of CBD flower strains that are transparent and well-branded. As a result, Cannaflower is our second-best option. Unlike competing products, it gives customers a step-by-step breakdown of where their hemp comes from and how it’s processed. Bubba Kush and Special Sauce are two of the most common strains. With a very stimulating taste profile, it’s ideal for relaxing. We may also suggest Lifter as a variant. It can be used for creative work or as a mood booster during the day. Almost all of the strains mentioned on their website contain at least 15% cannabidiol, which is potent enough for even the most seasoned smokers.


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