The Best Wooden Desk Chair For Your Home

Everyone remembers the wooden desk chair from some point in their lives. Although the chairs we use today are mostly metal, or plastic we all know of the wooden chair. Some of us have fond memories of an elder family member sitting at this type of chair doing work. Others may remember how hard and uncomfortable they were when they were children.

Regardless the wooden desk chair is still being used by some people, though it’s not as popular as it once was. The wooden chair takes a lot of flak for being made out of wood. Environmentalist groups argue that we should stop making furniture out of wood because we can make everything synthetically now. Although a solution to this problem is simply to replant what we harvest, but many people refuse to see it that way.

Still many older people and some younger people appreciate the look and feel of a wooden desk chair. They appreciate how it affects the general mood of a room, and also like how flat they are. Yes I know it’s strange, but a few of us actually find those old, straight backed wooden chairs to be comfortable. They give a person focus when working hard and aren’t soft or cushy like modern chairs.

This is one of the main reasons people keep their old wooden desk chairs, or buy new ones if they can find them. These chairs are not designed for a relaxation kind of comfort; they are designed for a work related comfort. This keeps you focused and relaxed, but doesn’t allow you to fall asleep as easy as modern chairs do. It accomplishes this by not having arms supports, this means you have nothing to lean on and if you fall asleep you will get a swift introduction to the floor.

In one aspect this is how a wooden desk chair can help motivate you to work fast, and properly. There’s nothing wrong with proper workspace motivation, after all you need to keep the people going. Unfortunately many people don’t appreciate this philosophy and want softer cushier chairs. While there is no study of how this affects their performance in many cases it can slow them down.

The older wooden chairs were mainly made because wood was the primary building material at the time, but you couldn’t use just any old wood. Well technically you could, but the chair wouldn’t last long. Certain types of wood are not good for construction and make better fire kindling than build materials. This is why builders preferred strong woods like, oak, cedar, and pine. These woods are excellent for furniture, and make some of the best and longest lasting pieces on the market.

So if you want your home to feel more rustic, or just want something good to sit on, buy a wooden desk chair. Not a corkboard or cheap wooden chair from a retail outlet. You’re going to want a real wooden chair from a furniture store, or a mom and pop shop. Something that will last you through the years and can be passed down to your grandkids.


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