The Benefits Dosage And Side Effects Of Glutamine Supplement

I used to train without taking any supplements. After a few months of training someone at the gym suggested picking up some glutamine supplement. He said that it was one of the muscle building supplements he had proven to be beneficial. I had always wondered throughout the time if glutamine supplements was really that good for increasing muscle size. I picked a tube the next month to see all the hype myself. Buy yourself the best testosterone booster.

I couldn’t believe how much recovery time was when I wasn’t taking glutamine. After intense workout, my muscles would usually ache for 1-2 days. That didn’t happen after I took it 3 times a day. When I ran out of it I thought I would leave it out for a bit and see if I felt anything different. It was ridiculous. I was literally aching all the time the next day. When I slept, I felt like I’ve been beaten up most of the time.

What is glutamine? How can glutamine supplement help increase muscle size?

Glutamine is non-essential amino acid stored throughout the body. It is integral to the whole host of systems in the body. In the medical profession, it is conditionally essential for patients under pre and post-surgical trauma, burns, sepcis, and cancer. In catabolic states of illness or injury, the body needs glutamine badly. Bodybuilders and athletes take glutamine supplements to decrease muscle tissue breakdown and boost immune system.

Glutamine is an amino acid, one of the building blocks of protein. It is mostly stored in the muscles. After intense workout, body glutamine levels can be reduced by up to 50%. When the body cannot supply glutamine from the bloodstream it will revert to the muscles. The glutamine stored in the muscles is broken down and sent into the bloodstream. This is what we called catabolic state that leads to muscle loss. The depleted glutamine stores in the muscle make it almost impossible to recover normally form intense workouts. It can from several hours to days to raise glutamine level back to normal. This is where glutamine supplement kicks in.

When and how much to take glutamine supplements?

Take it when your body needs it. The most crucial time is after workout since your body needs to replenish the glutamine stores. Taking it right after workout will increase protein synthesis and speed up recovery process. It’s also good to take it before bed as your body do all the muscle repairing while you are sleeping.

Are there any glutamine supplement side effects? A person who is diabetic should consult his doctor since the body may abnormally metabolize glutamine. As for me, I can’t remember when was the last time I got sick after taking 20 grams of glutamine supplement per day. It never happens. It boosts your immune system.

Any side effects of glutamine?

It’s one kind of amino acid. It’s harmless.

If you have realized the benefit of short, intense workouts, with enough rest in between, pick one of the glutamine supplements on the market and make it part of your bodybuilding supplements.


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