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When to take Creatine is a difficult call, some body-builders take Creatine before they workout, believing they have the advantage of its availability in the bloodstream, other body-builders believe they should take Creatine after a workout, because their muscle cells will be more receptive to the nutrient, still other body-builders believe that Creatine is a stored substance, that it doesn’t really matter when you take it.

There are many factors when it comes to taking Creatine as a supplement like a pill form compared to powder and liquid forms, large dosage or small dosage, whether to load the Creatine or not load, taking it with juice or with other Creatine products, taking it before a workout or after a workout, cycling or not cycling, and how much water to drink, how much protein is necessary, and finally concerns with caffeine.

Powder compared to pills or liquid intake is the most used and trusted by bodybuilders to be the best way for delivery into their system. Pills are expensive, are more difficult to dissolve, and are considered the worst way for delivery. Liquid Creatine seems to have a good advantage with its absorption rate, but the supplement in liquid form is not stable which is why there is the Best hgh natural supplement for people that need a supplement in liquid form. As for dosage, it’s recommended to start off with only 2 to 5 grams per day (non-loading or no loading). If taking more than that at the beginning, the body will turn the excess into waste, basically washing away your budget for the supplement.

Loading is taking extremely high amounts of Creatine for the first 5 to 7 days, which is split into 2 to 4 servings of 20 to 25 grams dosage. Most responsible bodybuilders do not load, they gradually build-up their intake and get the same benefits as with the practice of ‘loading’. Taking Creatine with juice has proven to be a more effective way than to take the supplement with water, but not with orange juice, which seems to reduce the effects. Taking Creatine plus products is just as effective as taking it with grape juice, but it’s also more expensive: most manufacturers’ formulas don’t come cheap. Cycling is when bodybuilders will stop the use of Creatin supplements to restore their own bodily function of creating their own Creatine. Most studies show no effects on the body, one way or the other.

Drinking more water than normal is a good practice when taking Creatine supplements. Creatine helps bring more water into the muscles during a workout, which requires more water in the body. Adding protein supplements to the Creatine supplement helps the body retain more of the Creatine than otherwise. When it comes to caffeine, some studies have shown it to limit the effects of Creatine, but other studies show no change at all.


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