Strategies That Can Help You Boom Your Outdoor Digital Marketing Advertisement Results 

Outdoor marketing has been changing a lot since the world has started experiencing digitalization. Most of the street advertisement methods and billboards advertisements have also changed to digital. You must have seen that instead of printed billboards, you can now experience digital screens that are catering the same advertisements to people like they earlier used to. 

The strategies that are related to these outdoor digital marketing has also changed with the rise of the digital era. Here are some of them which can help you achieve the best results from your advertising display campaign. 


There is a three-second rule 

The person who is making the ad should understand the fact that the outdoor advertisement that they are making is made for moving people. More than 90% of the people glance at the billboards and keep moving, and the average time they give is around three seconds. That is why you should remember that you have to make something that speaks your whole story in the next 3 seconds. 

For 3 seconds, you should be precise but remember that no to overflow the advertising display with the material. It must be short, sweet and unique. Also, your advertisement must be placed where the person can easily see it and go through it at least once. Following these three seconds, the rule will provide you with some noticeable changes in your campaign results.

Uses images that can be easily recognized 

The image that you are going to use in your advertisement will make a lot of change. If you use a new picture that most people don’t recognize, you will notice that fewer people will recognize your advertisement. On the other hand, if you are going to use a picture that is seen by people will have higher chances that people notice your advertisement and make their mind regarding buying your product or service. 

Also, there must be a fact in your mind that when you set your advertisement than the maximum viewing distance of that ad should be 200 metres to the maximum. If you take it far than that, then people will ignore it due to issues of distance. 

The message you want to provide should be visible and loud 

There is information or message that every advertiser wants to share with their audience. That is why, when designing an advertising display, one should keep in mind that this message is always delivered to the audience. For this, a few points should be kept in mind. 

  • There should be a proper space between the letters that you type. Due to this, they will not appear to mix up with each other and provides a clear view of the person.
  • The marketer should use a combination of upper case and lower case letters if they want to improve the readability of their advertisement. It is an efficient choice. 
  • The colour contrasts should be well kept in mind. The colours you use for your background and the ones you use for your letters should be well defined. 
  • The text you write should be visible at night time; otherwise, your advertisement value will decrease manifolds. 

A bonus tip 

The advertisement you make should have three logos that is the image, logo and texts, in which text should always be less than 7 words. If you keep text more than that, than the message will get long, and you will not manage other elements properly. Also, the logo you place in your advertisement should at least have 10% space in your advertising. It will make your brand name recognizable, and chances are higher that people remember them. 


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