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A few years ago I moved from Germany to United States looking to make some significant change in my life. I decided that emigration and complete change of my environment will be something very interesting and refreshing for my life. I was very optimistic, since from the very beginning of my life in US I was incredibly lucky – I quickly found a cheap apartment which I could afford my savings and shortly after this I also managed to get a job in a local high school. I became a German teacher.

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This wasn’t the job which I was doing in Europe, so I was a little bit scared how will it look like and will I manage to teach them properly. I also wasn’t sure if they would accept me in their environment, the American school was something completely different from the high school I attended in Germany. I had to learn a lot of new things.

Fortunately, this was much easier than I thought it would be, so I felt relieved. To make things better I found a beautiful girl which I shortly after got married to. Everything was perfect up to some day when we started receiving strange calls, usually at night. These calls were waking us up and I had to disconnect our telephone in order to suppress it from making noise. The situation lasted for two weeks and I decided that some steps must be done in order to get rid of the calls. I tried to contact my phone carrier, but all that he told me was that he is not allowed to give me any details about these calls. However, he advised me to get a caller id service and try to lookup the phone number in the Internet.

I didn’t hesitate much, the prank caller was destroying our life. We were both annoyed and tired, I noticed that we had much more arguments about inessential things than we used to have before the harassment started. It was Friday when I installed the caller id device and waited by the phone to find out the caller’s number. I had never been so happy that he calls like then. I quickly noted down the 10 digits displayed on the caller identification and went to my PC.

Some time before my wife helped me find a decent reverse cell phone lookup company which was recommended by her friends who also had similar problems to ours. I typed the digits, waited a few seconds and saw the results. I have to admit, I wasn’t surprised when I saw the satellite imagery of the phone location. The guy lived around five minute of walk from us. The first name of this guy didn’t tell me anything, but when I saw his last name and everything became clear to me. It was one of my students! The line was registered for his father, which was why the first name differed but the last name was the same

Luckily, on Monday my first class was with him. He sat as always in the third table by the window. I spent the whole weekend wondering how to solve this issue and my best idea was to embarrass him by just asking why can’t he stop calling me. It worked – when I asked him about his prank calls, the whole class started laughing at him and he ran out of the classroom. A few hours later I met him on a corridor where he actually apologized to me.

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