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5 Foods to Keep Your Metabolism Going

Losing weight is never an easy task, especially when you are told to cut foods out of your diet that you usually enjoy indulging in. We’re always informed to stay away from soda, sugary foods, and anything processed if we want a faster metabolism and lower weight. But what is a metabolism anyway? A metabolic rate is the number of calories we burn in a day, which becomes one percent more sluggish with each year after the age of 30. With a statistic as such who wouldn’t want to boost their metabolism? Boosting your metabolism is not as difficult as you may think. With a few easy foods to add to your diet, you can increase that metabolic rate, or as I like to simply put it – burn more calories while eating! I know I am more interested in what I should eat and can indulge in to boost my metabolism and get rid of those extra calories.

Hot Peppers

Spicing up your food definitely boosts your metabolism and helps with weight loss. Hot peppers, including cinnamon, contain capsaicin, which temporarily increases the body’s metabolic rate and blood circulation. Ever notice yourself work up a sweat after eating something spicy? That’s because your body heats up and has to work and burn calories to get back to a cooler temperature. This chemical can even last up to 3 hours, which may result in boosting your metabolism up to 25%.


That’s right, coffee. The caffeine in coffee gives your central nervous system and metabolism an extra 5-8% boost to keep it going faster and burn a little over 100 calories each day. Be careful not to overdue it on the cream and sugar, though. Those additives do nothing for your metabolism.

Greek Yogurt

Low-fat Greek Yogurt is a great food for boosting your metabolism and losing weight due to the loads of protein and calcium it contains. Greek yogurt has twice the amount of protein regular yogurt has. The loads of protein keep your body feeling full for a longer period of time. Yogurt is also known to normalize your digestive tract, which keeps your body healthy and regulated.


Broccoli contains not one but two highly effective metabolism boosting elements, vitamin C and calcium. Studies show that calcium supports weight loss and activates your metabolism, while vitamin C aids your body in captivating more calcium. Broccoli also contains phytochemicals that defend your body from disease, all the while being exceptionally low in calories. Freshly cut or sautéed with other veggies, broccoli is vital for your diet.


Starting your day off with breakfast is one of most crucial steps in speeding up your metabolism. One of the top breakfast options, however, is oatmeal. It’s the best option to jumpstart your day boosting your metabolism and burning off those calories. It’s loaded in fat-soluble fiber, which burns a lot of calories while being broken down and lowering your body’s insulin levels – all the while boosting your metabolism!

Bonus: Purified Iced Water

I know water is technically not a food per se, but it is an easy way to majorly boost your metabolism. When your body consumes cold water, it instantaneously enhances your metabolism. Water also helps with the flow of nutrients throughout the body, suppresses appetite, and is a great detoxifier. Drink up!

How The Paleo Diet Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

For many people across the world, losing weight and keeping it off is a lifelong battle that they simply never win. Fad diets can give you initial results, but often have negative side effects because they are not balanced. In some cases these side effects can even be dangerous to your health. The body is a complex machine that requires specific nutrients in order to function at the optimal level, and if you do not get those in, you will feel ill – but there is one diet out there that gives you permanent results and will not have any negative affect on your overall health. The solution for desperate weight watchers the world over has arrived, and it’s called the Paleo Diet.

What is it?

The Paleo Diet is a diet that is modeled on the diet of cavemen from the Palaeolithic Era. This era was characterized by a hunter gather type of lifestyle, and as a result, the diet would consist of fresh fruit, berries and vegetables, and fresh meat. Also known as the caveman diet, what you essentially allow yourself to eat is fresh vegetables, fresh meat, and occasionally, fruit. That’s it. Those who take on the Paleo Diet thus eliminate sugar, dairy, preservatives, and carbohydrates. Although the levels of severity vary, the main notion is that you have to model your diet on a caveman.

Modern food is stuffed full of chemicals and sugars that most people are not even aware of. Making a drastic change to your diet will invariably have a sudden and occasionally unpleasant effect on your body. The problem with modern food is that it consists of addictive substances, and when you remove them, you are essentially removing an addictive substance from your life. Sugar addiction has been called the biggest killer of our generation, and when you start the paleo diet, you will feel a difference immediately.

Because of the large amount of protein in the diet, you may experience emotional fluctuations as a result of your lack of vitamin D. You may get a headache for a few days, due to the sugar withdrawal, and your bowel movements and structure will change. These symptoms last two to three days, as your body adapts to becoming a mean fat burning machine. And that is exactly what happens. You are forced to burn existing fat for energy, and you will immediately start dropping weight.

Although it sounds impossible, the Paleo diet is completely viable and can become quite enjoyable, You are essentially returning your body back to its natural state, and it will thank you immediately. Increased energy and positivity are immediate side effects, as is weight loss And with plenty of forums online, and Cool Paleo Cookbooks out there to keep things interesting, you will inevitably start to realize that living your life in this healthy way is the only way to go.