Minecraft Instant Structures Mod – Learn about the entire structures

The instant structure mod that I found this week is literally what the title says. It is instant structures with the click of a button. I will say that I did try a few other instant structure mods but this one takes the cake. It is not only the selection of structures that surpasses other versions but there is also the types of structures that are available that had me hooked to this mod. From small modern town homes, villas, and hot air balloons all the way to massive temples, bridges, beach resorts, malls, and a dragon. Yes, a very large dragon!

The mod was put together via a collaboration between the developer and various Minecraft builders. Each structure that is available is titled appropriately with the user name that was responsible for the design of the structure. There is approximately 80 structures that come with the mod and as far as I can tell the number continues to grow along with the mod updates. The mod is currently on version 1.7 but can still be used with the new Minecraft 1.8 update if you are using Forge. None of the new Minecraft textures are used as of yet in this mod so it is just as easy to place the structures in forge then switch back to the 1.8 profile from your Minecraft launcher. The minecraft free account is the best play to know about the structures. The texture of the games is the best one to get the right winnings. The winnings are available in directly the bank account of the players. The profile is the best one to play the quests games.

Using the mod is actually pretty simple. You choose a structure from your inventory and right click where you want the structure to go. It will then mark the area so that you get a general idea of how large the structure is going to be so that you do not interfere with any of your other buildings. If the area is clear you can click continue and within a matter of seconds (depending on the size) your new structure is built. My suggestion would be to try some of the structures out in creative in a super flat biome. Some of the larger structures will damage the surface of your Minecraft world when it is trying to make room. Although, there are tools that come with the mod that help tame how the structure builds itself but they take some time to get used to.

Lastly, some of the structures do not generate properly so you may need to take some time to fix it up once the structure is generated. With that being said, it is still quicker than starting from scratch and is a great tool if you are trying to construct a city quickly for your server. It is also great if you just use the instant structures as templates to build your own creations from them. You can never beat a good foundation and this mod provides you with that. You can download this mod through the link below and it is installed by simply dropping the .jar file directly into your mod folder if you are using Minecraft Forge.


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