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Nowadays, Apple mobile devices seem to be an important part of the life of a growing number of children. Parents carry the responsibility to select those applications that enable their children to have fun and learn interesting things at the same time. Letter Jungle has been designed to keep them entertained and give them the chance to improve their literacy skills and it seems that both parents and children appreciate it very much. It truly is one of the most recommendable fun games to play at home, and the kind which helps children develop in various ways; here is what you have to know about it.

Letter Jungle Children’s App addresses the new generation of children who are very connected with everything that is new in this field and thus they have increasingly higher needs and demands. Letter Jungle is aiming to be an educational game that fosters children to read, to recognize and spell words. It has been developed by a German expert in education, Kinderbriefe GmbH and tested on a significant number of children. The results were impressive which prompted many parents to choose confidently this application.

Children worldwide use Letter Jungle to have fun, to learn new words and even to practice a foreign language and it seems to be very addictive given that in order to reach a higher level they need to collect a certain number of crystals. Moreover, when they complete a level in the game, they receive various visual and aural encouragement from Possel which is the main character. All these boost the enthusiasm of a child keeping him motivated and eager to achieve a higher level. There are many fun games to play at home out there, but few are as educational as this one, and all while being extremely entertaining as well.

In spite of the fact that it was just released on the market Letter Jungle is very popular, especially in the USA because it guides elementary age children in the process of word recognition which enables them to improve their spelling and reading skills. Moreover, the application looks wonderful on the iPad tablet display and boasts brightly colored 3D graphics and realistic sound effects which are highly appreciated by children. Apart from this, Letter Jungle Children’s App is very user-friendly providing a smooth navigation due to a clean layout, large buttons and simple icons. It is considered a great interactive game suitable for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and it is is available in 2 different languages, German and English which means that it is a great instrument for children who want to learn one of these languages.

The storyline of Letter Jungle is quite simple because it mainly features some orangutans who have stolen various letters from words and have hidden them in the jungle. The children must find these letters and place them properly in the broken words. The fact that the missing letters fall from the sky on brightly colored balloons is very tempting and after each nine letters, children progress to another level. Possel, the main character is very friendly and it inspires a positive attitude to players stimulating them to get better results and learn as much as possible. Overall, Letter Jungle is a reliable educational game that enables any child to spend quality time so every parent should take full advantage of its huge potential.


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