Incorrect Body Posture Can Trigger Neck And Waist Pain

Have you ever slept only on one side of the body? Or sleep on the sofa, bend the body because its measurement is not in accordance with your height? Because of the incorrect body posture, perhaps these days you start to feel pain in the neck and waist. Neck and waist pain are two of the most frequent complaints experienced by almost everyone. People have experienced pain in the neck and waist of his life. 80-90% of which had experienced previous pain will recur again. However, the majority of neck pain and hip problems can be prevented. Therefore, the issue of prevention has become an obligation. So, correct bad posture to relief neck and waist pain.

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Why should the neck and waist? Incorrect body posture problem in the neck and hip pain are caused by the gravity point of the body through the neck and waist. As a result, there is most pressure on the neck and waist. Neck for example, it have to constantly prop head that weighed close to 4 kg. And the waist also has to bear the upper body. The function of the neck and waist which lasted without a break, will lead to greater pressure thus causing degenerative. This process will be exacerbated by the incorrect body posture. The pain will get worse if it happens constantly, especially in the wrong position.

Neck and waist pain are generally caused by bad posture, incorrect use of the body, bad work habits, sleep the same position for long period, the decrease of flexibility and fitness, and unusual neck pain causes. Although pain is caused by the accumulation of all these factors, incorrect body posture is a main causative factor. 80% neck and hip pain is caused by wrong posture.

This incorrect body posture can vary from a sitting position by bending the wrong hands or feet, or the position when standing upright so that it can not trigger the bending in the neck, waist and knee. Then, the wrong body using, includes the use of her high-heeled shoes or lifting goods in position by bending your waist bent, rather than feet. High-heeled shoes would shorten and bend the leg. In this condition, it must be balanced by stretching the leg afterwards.

Another thing that helps to trigger the pain is a bad habit of bending the neck while using the phone. It is neck heavy work, and must be coupled with a position that is not appropriate. In addition, persistent sleep position on one side of the body or sleep while curled also trigger pain.

Factors of the incorrect body posture are more exacerbated by the decline in flexibility and fitness. Humans spend more time by bending all body parts, either arms or legs than stretching. As a result, the threat of tension comes. The decrease in flexibility will begin to happen at the age of 35 and increasingly accelerated by lack of exercise. Fitness decline is also caused by lack of exercise or movement.

All of incorrect body posture factors above will trigger the inflammation and tension in muscles which cause pain. This process, like a series of demons that are difficult cut. Usually starts with pain, further tension in the muscles, circulatory disorders, movement disorders, and muscle stiffness. The only way to cut this cycle is to exercise. The exercise will create a new cycle. Exercise will help the body adapt, relieve pain, strengthen muscles, and ultimately improve the functioning of the body.


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