How Many Types Of Text Generators Are There? Share Some Steps For Generating Fancy Text And Its Features As Well

Everyone wants their content to look beautiful and attractive, and this can only be possible by a fantastic text. Using excellent and attractive text will automatically make your content look good, and everyone will praise your content. There are so many text generators that will help you out with this. You just have to copy the text and paste it. You will be offered a huge range of font styles from which you can choose the suitable one. Besides the choice in font style, there is also a choice in the text generators for specific content.

font generator has so many benefits as you can get the precise text for your content, making it look better. There are some of the fields which require a specific type of font style, and you will only get them through the font generator. The thickness of the text, optical size, stretch, and other things are clearly recognized. In the fields like graphic designer, computer programming, web designer, etc., needs different styles to make their content look attractive, and more and more people can understand this. Taking the example of a novel, if the text is engaging and cool, then it may develop more interest of the readers; otherwise, they will get bored of the novel early. Let’s check out some significant information about the text generators.

Different types of font generators

  • Glitch text generator

This text is basically known for its variety of symbols. You will be offered so many symbols; you can say around 1,20,000. These symbols are used in so many places over the internet and in so many contents as well. This text generator is like the Zalgo text. This text is mainly seen on the memes shared on the internet, and you can easily copy and paste it from the text generator.

  • Vaporware Text generator

This is a cool text generator and helps you to change the text into an aesthetic one. Your normal font will look unique to everyone and give your content a classic look. This text is also known as the Japanese text/8os text. The main feature of this generator is that it converts the full-width character to Unicode standard. It uses Asian symbols, which are generally sued in Asian computers.

  • Zalgo text generator

This is a unique text generator and makes your text look aesthetic. This is especially known for changing the text into zalgo style. This means the text will show up on different heights, and it will look to be fallen or messed up at some places. This provides a unique style to the text, which is different from the other text generators.

  • Tiny text or small text generator

You have seen that you are only allowed in most of the softwares to enlarge your text. But, the tint text generator helps you to decrease the size of your text, and you can make it tiny, or we can say small. The text will get into small caps, subscript, superscript. This text is usually used for fun, and you can use it on your social media posts, profiles, comments, status update, and anywhere you want to. This text generator is able to change your text into Unicode as well as alpha code, but it will become too tiny.

  • Cool font or cool text

This is the most used text generator. This is because every person uses a text generator for getting a unique styled font for his/her content. This text generator provides the coolest fonts, which you will not find in any other place. Most people search for fancy fonts and end up getting nothing in their hands, but this tool helps them the best and ends up their search on it. You just have to copy your text and paste it in, and you will be offered thousands of font styles to choose from.

  • Font generator for many occasional wishes

At the time of occasion, all of us send some greetings and other types of messages to our near and dear ones. The message should be full of feelings and look attractive to the receiver, which should make him/her happy. Font style can make your text do this work for you, and you should use a good font for sending these kinds of messages. You can also add text to the image of greeting or invitation, which also makes it suitable, or you can add a fantastic background to the text and use a good font style for the text.

Work procedure of text generator

The text generator works as it converts simple characters into mathematical alphanumeric symbols. These symbols are Unicode at the primary stage. These Unicode are used by mathematicians for creating equations, and you can use them for different purposes as well. Let’s discuss some steps for generating fancy texts.


For converting the text, you have to insert your text into the generator.


Then click on the required text, and the auto-copy tool will automatically copy your text to the clipboard.


Your fancy text is ready. You can paste it on any social media platform or anywhere you want to. Mostly, people paste it on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in the comment sections, captions, status, bio, etc.

If you are using the text generator on a mobile phone, then you simply have to copy the text on the typing box. After that, you can easily navigate the size and all the other aspects of your text.

Main features of text generator

  • Changes the font wonderfully
  • It can be applied to every kind of social media platform
  • Convert characters into different styles simply
  • It can be used in all types of devices
  • A vast variety of fonts


To sum up, we conclude that the font generator is one of the best software made for helping people. This software s used by millions of people in the present, and they are happy with it as they can make their content look nice and attractive.


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