How A Player Can Play The Game In A Better Way?

So you’ve just started to play Fortnite and are now looking at the many battle royale modes that it has to offer. One of these is solo mode, which can be played either in single player or with friends. Solo mode is great if you want to get used to how each map plays before jumping into multiplayer, but sometimes you may want to do something different, such as try out solo mode on one of the new maps. 

The good thing about the game is that, unlike other battle royale games, Fortnite does not require any prior knowledge of the controls to learn how to play. You just need to know what buttons are where and how to aim. There are no complex aiming systems, so you should never experience a problem while trying to hit your targets. 

In this article I will share some tips on playing Fortnite as a beginner, including the best way to get the hang of it. This includes all of your common weapons (such as the shotgun), plus some of the more rare ones such as the rocket launcher, mortar and bow. 

There’s also the matter of how to use the map itself, so we’ll talk about those too. These tips will help you learn the basics of Fortnite and get you up and running quickly. 

Tip 1: Get familiar with the weapon wheel 

When you first start playing Fortnite you will notice that there are lots of different weapons that you can pick up. The most important one is probably the pistol, although there are several others. In order to make sure that you have the right weapon for the situation, you will need to use the weapon wheel. 

This is available by pressing R1 when in a match. It will allow you to cycle through all available weapons, allowing you to see how they compare in terms of range, damage per shot, accuracy and reload speed. While doing this you can also adjust the settings for each weapon. For example, you can change the reload time between shots, the rate of fire and the amount of ammo that each magazine holds. With enough practice you will find that you can choose the right weapon for almost every situation. 

Tip 2: Learn how to shoot accurately 

One of the main differences between shooting in real life and in video games is that you don’t actually press the trigger. Instead you hold it down until you’re ready to release it. This means that instead of pressing the trigger, you have to let go at the right moment. To make it easier to achieve this right timing, you should practise using the trigger. 

To do this, you should take a look at the gun’s crosshair. This shows you exactly where the bullets will go. So if you want to target someone with a sniper rifle, you should line the crosshair up with their head. When you’re close enough to take them out, simply release the trigger and wait for the crosshair to stop moving. If you’re doing well, you should only have to aim once. 

Tip 3: Aiming is easy 

Now that you’ve got the hang of shooting accurately, you might be wondering why you would ever miss. After all, the crosshair is showing you exactly where your shots are going to land. Well, there are two reasons for this: 

You might be aiming at an enemy who is hiding behind cover. Even though the crosshair shows you where your shots will land, there is still a chance that you could hit them. 

Some enemies will move around during the course of a match, meaning that you won’t always be able to see where they stand. If you were to keep firing straight ahead, you would often miss them. Instead, you should follow their movement, keeping them in view as much as possible. 

Tip 4: Use the right tools 

While the shotgun is very useful for taking down a large number of enemies, it isn’t the best choice if you want to take out a single person. In that case you should be using the grenade launcher. This allows you to take out multiple people without needing to kill them individually. 

Tip 5: Don’t forget about the map 

The map is a big part of the game. Not only does it show you where all the action is happening, it also gives you access to certain locations. For example, you can use the map to climb ladders or get onto rooftops. You can even use it to reach areas that are otherwise unreachable. 

If you’re starting out then you should stick to the main paths. If you stray from them too far then you will likely run into trouble. As you get better, however, you can explore further. Just remember that you’re limited to the area that your map covers. 

Tip 6: Try out the new maps 

Many players aren’t aware of the fact that Fortnite has a free-to-play version called Battle Royale. This version includes five new maps, as well as some tweaks to existing ones. However, you must pay $5.99 for the full version to unlock the other five. 

If you haven’t already done so, you should check out these five new maps. They include a desert island, a snowy mountaintop and a futuristic city. Each one feels unique, adding another layer of complexity to the gameplay. 

Tip 7: Remember that you can play solo 

Although solo mode can seem like a boring option, it can provide a lot of value for beginners. For example, you can focus on getting used to the controls and learning about the environment, rather than worrying about other players. And you don’t need to worry about being matched against someone who is better than you because everyone starts off with 100 points. 

 A person can visit the online site of the game and get the detail of the various tips that will help to play the game in a better way. A person can even plan to buy fortnite account as per his own requirement. Some of the platform a provide the account at free of cost while other charge a specified sum of money.

Solo mode is a perfect place to test out new guns and to learn about the various aspects of the game. You can also use the practice mode, which is similar to solo mode except that you can respawn after dying. You can use this feature over and over again until you feel comfortable playing alone. 

These seven tips will hopefully give you everything you need to become successful in Fortnite. Once you’ve mastered everything here, then you’re in a position to jump into the multiplayer world and start having fun. 


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