Fix Your Relationship By Ending An Emotional Affair

As in any relationship, couples tend to take things for granted after some time in a relationship. Couples tend to forget that to maintain a happy and loving relationship, time and effort need to be invested in the relationship itself. With today’s busy and hectic lifestyle, time is an issue for most couples. Couples are too busy earning a living, fulfilling their financial needs and totally forget about their physical and emotional needs as a couple. This situation will spell disaster for your relationship should your partner starts looking elsewhere to fulfill his/her emotional needs. Fix your relationship before it is too late.

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Affair Equates To Cheating

An emotional affair involves getting emotionally connected or intimate with another person other than your partner. In most cases, the other person is of the opposite sex. With such a definition, you may believe emotional affairs do not equate to cheating. It is not like you are having sex with another person, right? Well, the fact is, having an emotional affair is indeed an emotional infidelity. If emotional affair is not curbed accordingly, it could even lead to sexual cheating. Probably, you are unaware of the emotional affair. It starts slowly, when you allow another party to take over and fill the emotional gap that your partner is meant to fill. Before you know it, he/she is all you think about most of the time. The only way to fix your relationship affected by emotional affair is to end it as quickly as you could.

Is Not Friendship Or Companionship

You should define an emotional affair as that an emotional affair and not as a friendship or companionship. What are some of the signs that you are having an emotional affair? Spending too much time with your ‘friend’, even more than with your partner signals emotional infidelity. You may prefer being with your ‘friend’ than with your partner. When it comes to your troubles and your secrets, you may prefer to confide and share more with him/her. Denial or lying to yourself is another sign. You may lead yourself to believe nothing is going on, yet you still experience emotional desires towards the other guy/girl.

There Is Secrecy And Lies

Your relationship could be characterized by secrecy and lies. This is in an effort to hide the truth from your partner. Even without physical intimacy, the effort you go through to deceive and lie to your partner is evident that you are doing something wrong. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Would he/she approve of your emotional affair? On the other hand, would he/she feel betrayed? The latter is most likely the case. This is the reason why you may hideaway the truth. It is because you do not want to betray your partner, but somehow the affair is too sweet to give up.

Define Your Boundaries

To end an emotional affair, you need to define your boundaries. It would be important to agree on the boundaries with your partner. Thereafter, define them to your friends and to yourself. Examples of boundaries include, ‘we should not see each other more than once a week’ or ‘we shouldn’t talk as much as we do’. It will take time to get accustomed to them. However, without boundaries, you are bound to fail at ending the emotional affair.

Introduce Physical Distance

Introduce some physical distance between you and your friend. Distance will help fix your relationship by minimizing your contact and time spent with him/her. Take time away from each other to let the emotional feelings die down. When you feel your mind is drifting back to him/her, snap out of it. It is more worthwhile saving your relationship than clinging to an emotional affair.

Reconnect With Your Partner

It is also essential to refocus your energy back to your partner. If you do not make the effort to do this, you will most probably fall back into your emotional affair. Reconnect and reintroduce the spice of gone days.

Emotional connections are stronger than physical connection. This is why it is harder to get out of an emotional affair than a physical one. However, it takes time and effort to fix your relationship affected by an emotional affair. Give yourself time to get over the affair. Do not bash yourself every time you find yourself thinking about him/her.


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