CBD For Pets: How Are The Effective And Things To Keep In Mind

Currently, the word CBD is buzzing everywhere. From dermatologists to physicians or therapists, everyone is talking about this effective compound. What is CBD, one may ask? Well, in simple terms, it is cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plants. This compound is of non-psychoactive type, which means that when smoked or consumed, it will affect the endocannabinoid system and help better the primary and secondary nervous system. It does not cause any feeling of high and thus is not used for recreation but therapeutic purposes. Today, CBD is a highly demanded and popular component in various products. But, these CBD products did not stop at humans but are widely popular among pets as well. 

CBD and pets

Off late, many people are swearing by the benefits of CBD that they have seen on their pets. Under few types of research, it is seen that CBD can show similar effects of calm and pain management on dogs. Like in humans, CBD can have a positive impact on reducing anxiety and stress. It also helps in bettering the pain and inflammation. 

As per findings, CBD also has a similar effect on dogs, as it can help reduce pain and calm their anxiousness. Today, there are various products for pets as well, which comes with CBD in them. Also, CBD oils are used on pets as well for giving them relief from various problems. However, today CBD flowers are also smoked for getting similar relief.

What are CBD flowers?

CBD is extracted from hemp plants, which are a type of cannabis Sativa. Cannabis sativa some of the two most popular types; the marijuana and hemp plant. Both these plans are used, but for different purposes. The marijuana plant is rich in THC, a psychoactive compound that gives the feeling of being high. It is mostly used for recreational purposes. On the other hand, the hemp plant is rich in CBD, which does not make anyone high but has a row of benefits to count on. 

Now, from a mature and grow hemp plant, the flowers are plucked. These flowers are a rich source of CBD. Yes, there are various CBD products out there in the form of topicals, sprays, oils, resins, etc., but there is always a chance of watering down and mixing other compounds with CBD in them. But in flowers, there is no such chance; one will get the true original flower used to smoke and get concentrated CBD into the system. 

Why smoke flowers?

One of the biggest questions is why suddenly smoking flowers has become such a popular choice among CBD users? Well, the simple answer is that smoking CBD flowers make the CBD reach the system faster. In topicals or edibles, the CBD reaches the system through the skin and digestive system, respectively. This can take a lot of time and thus show the late effect on the body. But one of the fastest means to make any compound blood system is by inhaling it. Smoking flowers thus gives faster and more effective results as compared to others. 

Smoking flowers for dogs

CBD has shown some remarkable benefits in dogs. As per researchers and veterinarians, CBD is quite useful in treating treatment-related pain in dogs; it is also useful in reducing inflammation in muscles and tissues. This can be helpful in dogs with pain management issues. Also, CBD is known to have positive effects in the case of anxiety and PTSD in dogs. CBD helps in calming the dog down and make them more settled and relaxed.

One may think that humans can smoke CBD flowers, but how dogs are supposed to smoke the flowers. Well, the administration is pretty straight forward. One will have to smoke the CBD flowers and then release the smoke on the face of the dog. This will help the pet to inhale the smoke, which will affect their nervous system immediately and help lower various issues.

Things to keep in mind

CBD is a safe compound, and it does not cause many side effects in humans or dogs. But, one should still be careful before administering any dosage to the dogs. Here are certain things to take care of:

  • Check if the dog has any condition and get it checked by the vet beforehand. 
  • Take advice from a veterinarian if the dog is on any medicine to avoid drug interaction. 
  • Another thing to take care of is the dog’s age, and thus one should consult with a vet to know the proper age of using CBD.
  • Lastly, always try with smaller doses of CBD to avoid allergic reactions and rounds of the emergency room. 

CBD is a highly popular product these days, and CBD flowers like https://www.washingtonian.com/2021/02/01/best-cbd-hemp-flower/  are becoming all the more highlighted. But, if one plans to use CBD flowers for their pets, it is crucial to take the veterinarian’s required help and advice. Also, it is better to choose high-quality flower strains only to get the right results. 


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