Brookline Spa- Covid-19 Solution In The Offing

What is it with We the people that we are always looking for the easy way out? Whether it is a normal everyday problem like office work or a personal problem pertaining to health, we are never able to manage things out the way we wanted and have to end up making compromises most of the time.

When it comes to health, this topic receives high voltage reactions from all corners of the globe as we all have been taught in childhood that health is wealth and nothing gets better than that.

We got a glimpse of how important sound health is for us only last year when a global pandemic called Corona virus or Covid-19 originated from China and slowly spread its tentacles throughout the globe, thereby causing death and destruction every living body it inhabited.

Spa Issuing

Where is the proverbial solution to the problem when you need one because a vaccine or cure doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the offing as even though things have eased out considerably, the danger is far from over as cases continue to pile up every day.

Precautionary measures were put to use quickly but many people are becoming careless and are not above violating social distancing norms or moving out without covering their face with masks purely for the sake of ego and entertainment as it seems that they can’t live without their friends or the outside world.

Medical spas have always been in the news due to the major role they play in relieving our body of both physical and mental stress through regular massages and other body treatment that one can think of.

A medical spa is basically a medicinal bath where we are allowed to forget the worldly matters for a few hours and tend to experience heaven on earth in those solitary moments with a cool sense of bliss and peace to the mind.

However, if you were told that a medical spa is an excellent alternative to a corona vaccine, you would laugh it off and the writer is not trying to make any such claim because it is not a place where you can get a vaccine for anything, let alone a global virus.

Healthy Debate

Brookline Dream Spa has fortunately got the approval from the government to administer shots of Covid-19 vaccines as it was recently reported by Diana Brouillard, the owner, that they can begin work quickly within a month.

This is indeed good news and if things go right, it seems that even Nexx Health, a reputed medical spa in Florida, would get the nod to begin operations too and gradually it would move on to other spas across the United States.

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey has claimed that the roll out process would be a bit slow in the state with the newly anointed POTUS Joe Biden claiming to give out nearly 100 million vaccines imported from India into 100 million arms.

Whatever the news may be, this is indeed a breakthrough for a medical spa to be given such an opportunity to save millions of lives and be immortalized in history in the coming times.


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