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Getting calls and texts from unknown numbers?

Don’t worry, and you aren’t the only one driven mad by this menace. Phone scams seem to be on the rise, with no signs of stopping or slowing down. In the United States alone, Americans are having to fend off around 4 billion scam calls every month. It is enough to drive anyone mad. 

The problem seems to be getting out of hand, so much so that tech companies and governments have started to take note of it. They have begun investing large amounts of money and resources in technologies for solutions to curb the scam call menace. 

This phenomenon alone is costing the US $19.7 billion yearly. And this figure is set to rise over the coming years as connectivity and mobile coverage area increases. Hence the need of the hour is a solution with which everyday users can get rid of or at least reduce the occurrence of these calls. If they occur, we need a way to find out their authenticity.   

There is such a solution. 

How to know if I am getting scammed?

The call usually comes from an unfamiliar number. Once you pick up the call, an individual posing as a representative of your bank, club, or other establishments will request personal details like your bank account info. They will try to make you believe that there is no other way out than to give them what they ask for. By wasting both your time and money, they peddle millions out of unsuspecting individuals. 

How do I stop them?

The best method is not to take any unfamiliar calls. But even if you don’t pick up, they might continue to bug you. Thus, the next method is to use the services that are provided by free phone number lookup sites. But if you want a quicker way, there are reverse search apps available too. 

These apps will inform you live about who is calling you, and you can choose whether you want to pick up or not. A couple of apps have been listed below:

  • True caller

 The true caller was established in 2009 by Swedish entrepreneurs Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi. The true caller offers customers real-time data regarding the caller ID and an option to block the caller and any other spammers. It has emerged as the most popular app that is downloaded on App Store. You can know who is calling you without having to pick up the call at all. 

  • Show caller 

Show caller is well-known for showing live data regarding the caller’s ID, region, whether they are spam or telemarketing, or a robocall. You can block pestering callers, record the call from both sides, and stop harassing callers. 

 Such apps and free phone number lookup sites are essential to make communication a hassle-free process. You can get peace of mind from scammers and phishers by simply downloading the app and liberate yourself from getting scammed. 


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