An Interface to Send exclusive SMS messages

Want to prank your buddies by sending them nameless messages? Then you are proper here. Sending anonymous SMS messages is an excellent idea for a joke that will confuse your friends about who you are. Nowadays, you can find many sites on the Internet that offer you free SMS services. However, just a few will let you ship nameless SMS without registration.

Even if your identity is not revealed when you send such a message, keep in mind that do not use this method to insult or emotionally harm someone. In case of doubt, the IP dealt with by your tool may be tracked. Don’t forget: Anonymous SMS messages are designed to have fun, make fun of friends, or participate in a discussion without revealing your identity.

A sham site is one of the best ways to hide your identity when sending an SMS. This web page permits you to jot down SMS as much as one hundred sixty words.


  • The service on the site is fast.
  • You can even view the history of messages you have sent through this site.
  • No ads will be added to your posts.

Currently, a wide range of methods of communication of technological objects is used in industry. For example, we can cite one of the most common – wireless communication according to GPRS, 3G, 4G standards, and wired methods via RS-485 or Ethernet interfaces.

They permit you to seriously switch massive quantities of facts in small durations of time. However, applying those strategies for diverse reasons isn’t always viable. Such limitations include technical (the inability to lay a cable on the ground or a low signal level according to the GPRS/3G standard) or economical (the price of automatic GPRS/3G routers is higher than the price of GSM modems).

Communication that uses packet data transmission often requires the presence of a static IP address of the network node being interviewed, as well as fixed traffic costs. Therefore, the use of a short message (SMS) service to inform staff about the progress of the technological process and manage it is still widespread. However, GSM modems do not have built-in logic and are controlled using AT commands.


Sending SMS takes place from our numbers. So, any network user who uses the service does not highlight their personal information in any way – name, residence address, etc. Thanks to the valuable service of privnote, which provides a user-friendly interface for SMS. There’s no such thing here. This is another page where you can submit texts anonymously. Like, this page allows you to receive messages up to 160 words in length.


  • You can ship nameless messages across the world. This is the most straightforward web page that permits you to send SMS anonymously everywhere in the world.
  • You can send the message to multiple accounts at the same time.
  • It has a dynamic messaging feature that allows you to write different messages for different contacts.
  • You can also display the name of your registered company when you send a message.
  • The message is delivered immediately after you click the send button.
  • The service is speedy.


  • Some countries do not allow the channel ID to be displayed.
  • Sometimes you need to submit multiple documents before your Sender ID is approved.
  • Not exactly free.

You can use this page to telecast messages without disclosing your identity. The free SMS site allows you to send unknown messages. It’s almost the best of all pages because it allows you to write text messages up to certain words.


  • Sent messages are processed and delivered in real-time.
  • You can send SMS with up to certain words each.
  • Sending messages is free of charge.

No ads will be added to your posts.

Let’s sum up Why the website?

Based on all the above, we will distinguish numerous essential benefits of this provider and websites for sending SMS messages through the Internet as a whole:

User-pleasant and easy-to-research interface. Sending SMS to Beeline or the variety of every other operator through the Internet isn’t more challenging than comparable movements in your phone with the Android or iOS system. No extra movements like registration/authorization, which generally spend a variety of time – you want to specify the message’s variety, layout, and textual content.

Confidentiality and security

The mission management ensures that the numbers entered at the online website will no longer be within the database for sending intrusive advertising. And the content material of the messages will no longer fall into the palms of 1/3 parties (besides, this data is formally asked via regulation enforcement corporations as a part of investigative movements).

They have at our disposal a variety of actual SIM playing cards that assist you in shipping SMS to Megafon or the variety of one of the dozens of to-be-had operators. There are even overseas vendors of conversation services: from superb Britain, Sweden, the United States, Poland, and Belgium. The listing is going on and on. New names may be brought to the page as the provider develops and calls for is studied in good areas.

The absence of intrusive advertising, automated redirection scripts to different pages, and shortcomings create extra barriers to the users’ manner. The interface is similarly nicely optimized for desk-bound PCs with their FullHD display units, small monitors of transportable gadgets, and contact control.

The algorithm (as an example) shows how to read and write arbitrary sequences of characters into an interface and work with data types such as pointers to strings and string data arrays to send confidential messages.


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