An Easy Guide To LEGO Legacy Heroes To Get Characters And Sets!

The LEGO legacy heroes unboxed is giving life to people’s absolute favorite Minifigures. All you need to do is to assemble the best team of cool characters that can defeat enemies and restore piptown to its former glory. Great characters are part of the LEGO legacy heroes, including pirate princes Argenta, Willa the witch, captain Redbeard, blackthorn, and many more. Let us look into the guide on how to find the characters and sets to have a satisfactory gaming experience.

Step by step, guide to find characters and sets!

You need to find the file locations in the first steps, so for that, you need to top on “heroes” on the home screen. Start with tapping on the find tiles button, which is provided on the left corner of the locked hero’s screen. You will see a listing of locations that are displayed on the screen under the brick finder. It is easy to filter by locations by tapping on two different icons provided. To find the filter option, you can see on the top right corner of the screen. You will see two icons, that is Map and dice/coin icon. To attain a list of campaign missions, tap on the map icon where users will find the tiles of favorite LEGO Minifigure.

With campaign name and mission name, both are mentioned on the top that makes it easier to find everything. The player needs to complete the mission for obtaining character tiles. In case you find the lock symbol that clearly shows that the chapter is not opened yet and to unlock it, you’ll have to play more.

How to level up to gain tiles of a random hero?

It is easy to level up using XP. Users can see an avatar pic on the top-left corner of the home screen. Yellow XP bar is clearly shown beside the avatar pic. For leveling up to gain tiles, you will need XP (blue stars). You can obtain XP with every win of a campaign mission or by completing quests for a player. With every win and XP, the yellow XP bar fills up. As soon as the yellow XP bar fills up, you can level up and earn a random LEGO Minifigure tile.

The primary benefit of the level cap of all heroes and increase in max energy cap as well. For instance, you might get a cactus girl with every level up and gain XP, and you need to complete quests. It is better for you to log in every day for attaining tiles of a random character on specific days. You can receive tiles of a new chapter every month, surely. In the month of March, it is easy to obtain Paramedic Poppy tiles on specific days. To earn rewards, players need to participate in the LEGO legacy on a daily basis.

Guide to get set tiles

LEGO legacy heroes unboxed enables users to play build sets just like it did earlier. You can start by liking the characters that you will need to tiles for assembling a set. When the required number of tiles required, you will be able to unlock a set surely. There can be different locations to find LEGO sets, such as campaign missions, to complete certain campaign missions. To attain set tiles, events are considered the best way to do so. There are plenty of events such as the deep event that enables users to earn the raft raiders set tiles by beating missions without much hassle.

When you are finally able to complete house hunting event missions, you can grants the lego house set tiles easily. All these virtual LEGO sets will make you feel nostalgic surely and boast certain skills for leveling up the powers of a particular class during different battles.


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