Air Rifle Scopes Review When You Want To Zero In On Your Prize

This air rifle scopes review by aims to educate us not only about the choices we have once we go inside our favorite local gun stores and shop, but also about the real relationship that links the right air rifle scope to the rifle itself, and the individual holding the gun. I had to learn this the hard way, as I slowly understood the proper way of handling my rifle and all the things it is capable of doing while out on the field.

Air Rifle Scopes Review – Choosing The Right Scope

Hunting and rifle shooting are both favorite pastimes. I enjoyed them all since I am well comfortable with the scope mounted on my rifle. Choosing a good scope is a daunting task, unfortunately. I had to choose from dozens of options available in the market back then, and they all had distinct features to accommodate my taste and requirements. I had this idea to make things easier for me though, simply by examining air rifle scope basics. And that’s what you should do too. Only then will you understand how to use a rifle scope properly and make it work for you.

Air Rifle Scopes Review – The Basics

For starters, an air rifle scope simply magnifies any targeted image. It puts me within the exact visual plane as my target. And that is the key to all this. This is accomplished by utilizing a series of lenses strategically placed within the scope with the purpose of bending light entering it to magnify the target image.

Air rifle scopes are special because they are designed to withstand the double recoil and the vibration that comes along with the activity. People like me love having scopes on our air rifles simply because the scopes are there to enhance the pinpoint accuracy characteristic that air rifles are known for. Two distinct scope types enhance such an accuracy trait.

The Fixed Air Rifle Scope Type

Fixed air rifle scopes are intentionally set on a single magnification and may not be adjusted. The idea behind it can be denoted by 4X32 or 4X15 for example. 4X means the target within the viewfinder is already magnified four times more than an ordinary human eye is capable of seeing. Typical, isn’t it?

The good thing about this particular scope is that as soon it has already something in its sight, I only need some very few adjustments before I am all set. Now that is a good thing if convenience is among my priorities. However, it also has certain limitations, like the inability to magnify any image beyond the set magnification. This is a disadvantage indeed in many situations. Such scope type is ideal for hunting game that can be easily hunted at close ranges.

The Variable Air Rifle Scope

This particular air rifle scope is my favorite simply because with it, I have the ability to magnify anything I fancy from 3 and all the way to 15X, which may be denoted like 3-9X32 for example. This means I now have 32 times more magnifying power mounted on my air rifle. I can now hunt larger game at a much longer distance.


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