Adjustable Voltage Vape Mods: Choosing One To Love

If you had just $150 to spend on a single adjustable voltage vape mod without the battery or tank, which one would you select? Several very good ones cost less than this; so much less than you could actually afford the whole kit for that $150 budget. But a high price tag is no guarantee of high performance. On the other hand, you are more likely to wind up with a low-performing instrument by spending $40. If you have a limited budget as you search for a good vaping device you can also check out a disposable vape from a credible brand which is much cheaper than a single adjustable voltage vape mod and can be equally good. 

Most units now feature variable voltage and wattage and some are VW only. A selection of variable voltage devices (with or without variable wattage) to consider includes a few from Innokin and a couple of devices by SmokTech. It can’t be stressed enough that consumers should read customer reviews. Just the fact that a reputable dealer carries a device sometimes misleads customers into thinking it should be a worthy product, but that isn’t always the case.

Some Great Candidates for your Money

I would advise spending money on the Innokin iTaste VTR, SVD, or MVP 2.0. They are all excellent products and attractive as well. The VTR is sturdiest in stainless steel with overtime warning, a battery vent, and a unique shape. It adopts a basic box shape but with softer edges.

The Innokin SVD varies from 3 to 15 watts and 3 to 6 volts. With 510 threading, like the VTR, most tanks and clearomizers fit nicely. An MVP 2.0 acts as a vaping device with variable voltage but also as a power bank. Charge the MVP’s built-in battery while vaping at the same time. You will find these are available from many vendors with iClear tanks to fit, but you don’t have to use iClear tanks. They are just a natural, high-quality option.

The Smok SID provides variable power controls too but is a bolt-shaped mod; a tube. Do not mistake it for the ACE which has received a lot of terrible reviews. There isn’t another mod with quite the shape of a Smok Groove: a box with a waistline. Like the others, its display shows battery, voltage, wattage, and ohms readings.

Why do you want to mess around with voltage? Lots of vapers are happy with their regular e-cigs, but if you understand the way combinations of volts and ohms work then you know what a difference this power setting makes to the density of vapor clouds you can produce. Vapers love to create bigger and better clouds; they even compete over them.

To blow big clouds, a careful combination of voltage, resistance, and the type of juice vapers use is important to the result. Some labels are too thin with a 50/50 blend or they are propylene glycol-dominant. Cloud-chasers generally prefer liquids high in vegetable glycerin because VG is responsible for creating the biggest clouds. How thick their juice can be is determined by the types of coils they use. High-voltage devices can really make a high-vegetable glycerin juice and low resistance coil worthwhile. But, if you enjoy a cool, smooth flavor, then voltage regulation enables you to conserve battery power and enjoy vapor at your desired temperature.

Much has been made in the pat year of variable wattage devices and their relative ease of use. Variable Wattage was even added to devices like the LavaTube by Volcano. By setting watts instead of volts, with ohm-reading technology on board, the user doesn’t have to calculate effective volts for resistance. The machine suggests a value. Variable Voltage is not obsolete. In fact, many inexpensive VV Spinner or Twist batteries introduce consumers to the art of regulating voltage. Lots of consumers enjoy calculating figures too. It’s a great time to be a vaper, with so much choice and plenty of excellent, affordable products on the market.


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