A Meditation On Death The Tarot Card

Perfect way to start off this blog, right? Haha.

As a way to start moving forward into 2017, I decided to calculate my Tarot Year Card.

Learning about the free tarot reading will allow you to enhance your skills. There is a need to calculate the numbers and getting the desired results. The calculation of the numbers is with the skills and intelligence to have a desired result to know about the spiritual future. 

To calculate your Year Card, add the month and date of your birthday to the year in question, then add those four digits together. If the sum is between 1 and 22, that’s your number. It corresponds with one of the cards of the Major Arcana. Check out Cosmic Faery’s blog post for a really good explanation.

So, My birthday is July 23rd: 7 + 23 + 2017 = 2047. 2+0+4+7 =13

Align that with the Major Arcana cards and I got me some Death!


No, but honestly…HOO-FUCKING-RAY. This past year has been such a flip-flop of perspective, near-crippling stagnancy and all-around “What the hell is going on with my life?” (And yes, I calculated my 2016 year: The Hanged Man. He can go kick bricks).

No need to relive it, but let’s just sum it up to:

  • Re-awakened psychic senses (“SURPRISE! Go Feel Crazy Now! Love, The Universe.”)
  • Un-learning terrible mindsets
  • Accepting my powerlessness (Apparently I can’t save the planet by myself)
  • Embracing my personal power and natural gifts (See #1)
  • Learning to accept new ways of thinking
  • Learning to move forward despite the mentality of those around me

I spent a lot of time wrestling my own feelings and desires this year, and am now a shit-load more centered and focused about my life. Apparently, turning 30 helps move this along. :-p

So what does that mean for 2017?


Well…Death in the tarot is about Change. Renewal. The removal of something to make way for something better. The ending of cycles. Regeneration. Removing unnecessary baggage. Some existential pruning, perhaps?

After being turned upside down this year when it comes to how I lead my life and how I view others, next year will be about changing my life to align with my new perspective. A perspective that is more open, less resistant and completely kick-ass (duh). As a Major Arcana card, I also think that this relates to larger life situations that are unavoidable. So while I may be able to better direct the energy of the Death card in 2017 through awareness, there will also be situations forcing me to change.


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