7 natural ways to pass a drug test for weed effectively

There are many instances when you need to pass drug tests. In many workplaces a drug test is done for maintaining productivity and safety. It is very important to do a weed detox after smoking weed if you want to work at your workplace with full productivity. There are different forms of drug testing available. If you are looking forward to know about some methods to pass a drug test despite having smoked weed, this article is for you. Here are 7 effective natural ways that you can follow in this regard.  

  • Use fake pee

If pee is to be used for a drug test of weed, then you can resort to this method. There are many people that use this method to pass a drug test. You can decide to get some sell synthetic urine that will make your test negative for sure. Such fake urine effectively matches PH of your real urine. It is quite simple to use.

  • Drink a lot of water

It is the easiest way to pass such a drug test. So many people tend to use this method for detoxification. Drinking a lot of water makes it very difficult to find proper traces of an important chemical THC in your urine. But you should know as to how much water you need to drink before the test. 

  • Have a detox drink

Having a detox drink happens to be another great way to escape a drug test for weed. This weed detox method is really known to be beneficial as it cleanses your blood of any toxin and other weed chemicals. This is quite a natural and effective way to pass a drug test. You can buy such detox drink online as per your need and preference. 

  • Mix urine with the adulterants

This is another cheap but effective way to pass a drug test. So many people tend to resort to this method to tamper their urine sample by mixing several other unwanted chemicals in it. In this regard, things like vinegar bleach and eye drops can be mixed in urine sample. You need to be alert while resorting to this method. 

  • Delay the drug test

It is another very common method that you have the option to go for in regard to pass a drug test for weed. Doing this helps you have a negative test result for the obvious reason. The delaying period may vary from person to person according to his/her height, weight, gender and metabolism.

  • Do cardio exercise

You can try to do various cardio exercises before going through a drug test because it releases toxins from your body quickly. Few people prefer to try this method. It also depends on several important factors.

  • Drink fruits juice

Last but not least, you can resort to drinking different kinds of fruit juices. It really helps with proper detoxification. Cranberry or lemon juice is known to be most effective and beneficial in this regard.


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