How to Create a Stunning Plant Wall in Your Home

If you’re looking for ways to add life and color to your home, then look no further than a stunning plant wall. It will enhance the beauty of any space and act as a Groen relatiegeschenk that will help purify the air indoors and provide numerous health benefits. While such an endeavor might sound intimidating, creating your own plant wall is actually quite simple. Here’s how you can get started:

Choose the Right Plants

When deciding which plants you’d like to include on your wall, consider their size, light requirements, water needs, and growth habits. Some good options for low-maintenance walls include succulents, ivy, ferns, and other hardy species that don’t require much care or attention. Don’t forget about adding moss and other types of foliage if desired; these can provide depth and texture for added visual appeal.

Gather Supplies

Having the right materials on hand before getting started is essential for success. Make sure you have soil mix (or potting soil), garden scissors or shears for pruning purposes, hooks or other mounting hardware (depending on where you plan to hang the wall), drainage pots with holes on the bottom (if necessary), plastic sheeting or window screening material (used for lining baskets if necessary), and decorative containers for holding plants.

Prepare Containers

Before filling your containers with soil mix or potting soil, line them first with plastic sheeting or window screen material so that excess water can drain out from the bottom when needed. Be sure not to overfill them – leaving room at the top ensures proper drainage while still allowing plenty of space for roots to spread out and grow without becoming too crowded.

Mount Your Wall

Once your supplies are gathered, it’s time to mount your wall. Depending on where you’d like your wall placed in your home – either outdoors against a fence or indoors near a window – make sure each container is securely attached using hooks or other mounting hardware suited for that particular surface type (i.e., plastic anchors if hanging outdoors). To ensure stability over time, double-check that everything is secured correctly before moving on to step 4!

Plant Away!

Now comes the fun part: planting away! Begin by arranging all of your containers along the wall in whatever fashion pleases you most aesthetically speaking; then start filling each one with its respective plants according to their light/water needs outlined earlier on in this guide. Once complete, take some time every week or two to deadhead spent flowers/foliage (ensuring both aesthetic appeal and healthy growth) as well as monitor water levels/dust buildup so everything stays fresh-looking year round!


Creating a beautiful plant wall doesn’t need to be difficult – just follow this brief guide step-by-step and soon enough, you’ll have a living piece of art gracing any interior space! Whether hung outdoors against a fence line or indoors near windowsills as natural air filters/purifiers open up possibilities are endless when it comes to designing aesthetically pleasing displays tailored specifically towards individual tastes – happy planting!


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