Dietary Supplements For a Healthy Body

Fiber is one of the nutrients necessary for good health. Natural sources of fibers include beans, avocado, broccoli, whole grains, apples, and strawberries. Fiber is essential because of the wealth of benefits it provides to the body.

Eating fiber-rich food has the following benefits.

  • Keep cholesterol levels in check
  • Maintain steady blood sugar
  • Keeping the digestive tract healthy

Some people may feel that their dietary intake does not have enough fiber content. In that case, they can take dietary supplements for a healthier life. Fiber supplements are good to solve issues such as constipation and high cholesterol.

What are the types of fiber supplements?

Supplements that enrich the body with fiber content are available in different forms – as powder, tablets, and as capsules. The supplements can either contain fiber extracted from natural sources or be synthesized in a laboratory.

Before including a supplement in one’s routine, it is better to consult a doctor or a nutritionist to know whether a particular supplement is suitable for one’s body type. Dietary supplements that have vitamins and calcium are good for the body. It is especially preferred by people who are aging and are suffering from age-related nutrition deficiency.

What are the ingredients to look for?

Supplements are good for the body. But not all of them may contain safe ingredients. Here is a list of ingredients that one should look for in fiber supplements.

  • Inulin

It is extracted from the plant and can help in making the colon cells stronger. It is good for the stomach.

  • Flaxseed

Flaxseed is known as one of the best natural ingredients that relieve constipation. Thus supplements that contain flaxseed are effective.

  • Acacia gum

It is a soluble fiber that can enhance the working of the digestive system. It not only helps in proper digestion but is also useful in controlling hunger pangs. Thus, one can use it for weight loss as well.

Notice how the ingredients mentioned above are natural or derivatives of natural products.

Safety of supplement consumption

Generally, taking dietary supplements is not known to have any serious risks. However, some of them cannot be consumed for longer than a specified period. Some people may also develop side effects such as gas and bloating. It is common if there is a sudden change in the amount of fiber intake. Therefore, it is advised to test a sample of a supplement before including it in the routine. A consultation with a doctor would also ensure safety. For more information , you can visit

The takeaway

As the name suggests, supplements should be taken along with a healthy diet. Consuming supplements and sticking to unhealthy eating habits will not result in good results. Dieticians recommend getting most of the nutrients from natural sources. Therefore, even while looking for supplements, it is better to take those made with natural ingredients.

Fiber supplements can help deal with constipation and cholesterol. But if an individual has a pre-existing condition such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, then the supplement can do more harm than good. Thus, people suffering from pre-existing digestive conditions are not advised to try new supplements.


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