Diesel DC Generators Safety Tips: 5 Precautionary Steps To Follow

When it comes to commercial spaces and industries, generators play a very crucial role. These generators are big equipment which helps in running the electrical appliances when there is any kind of, outage. Outages in industries and commercials spaces can lead to big hassles and losses as well. But, a generator can help in making sure that the work keeps running smoothly even when in the event of a sudden outage. But, these generators are big equipment and, they also require proper maintenance safety precautions. Otherwise, it can lead to accidents and mishaps. Some of the crucial safety tips and precautionary steps for the diesel DC generators are discussed, below.

Ventilation and monoxide alarms

Generators, when they run, produces a lot of heat and carbon monoxide emissions. Now, these emissions and heat can be quite dangerous and hazardous if not dissipated properly. Therefore, it is very important to arrange for proper ventilation for the generator. The generator should be placed either outside of the building where there is enough space. Or, the generator should be placed in a well ventilated and segregated generator room in the building. Also, it is very important to install carbon monoxide alarms near the generators. These alarms will make sure that in case of excessive emissions which can lead to a harmful effect on one’s health, the workers will be made alert.

Weather precautions

Generators are machines and, if they are placed in the open place outside the building, then taking proper weather precautions is a must. Too much dust in stranger winds can cause filter damage. Dust and debris can settle in the filters, causing them to work on an overload. Dust can harm the generator and can reduce efficiency over time. Also, in case of heavy rains and thunderstorms, water can enter the generator and, can cause major electrical faults. That is why it is crucial to have canopy covers for the generators to protect the same from rain and thunder.

Proper operations

One of the major, things that are counted, about the safety and precautionary step is proper operation. To operate the generators there should be separate technicians who must know everything about the generator and its operations. The instruction manual should be read thoroughly and, then the generator must be operated. Three things should be kept in mind are:

  • No overloading

The generator should never work on overload. Overloading can fry the internal parts and can damage the generator permanently.

  • Call experts

Always get the experts for installation and operational purposes. Experts will make sure that the generator is handled by someone who has through knowledge.

  • Clearance

The generator should be placed at least 3ft from anything else. Also, the distance between doors and windows and the generator should be 15 ft minimum to avoid fumes from entering.

Do proper installation

Installation of diesel DC generators is one of the things when one should take care of the safety. Proper installation will make sure that there are no accidents and also will make sure that there is a compromise on efficiency. Always make sure that the generator is not connected, to the outlet on the wall. It should be connected, to the main power outlet breaker. Also, while installing the generators, make sure to use heavy-duty and high-quality cords and other parts.

Refuelling of generator

Refuelling the generator should be done while keeping in mind all the safety tips to avoid accidents and fire mishaps. One should always keep in mind the fact that the generator should be completely cool while it is getting refuelled. The fuel is flammable and if the generator is hot, then it can cause fire accidents. Also, one must keep in mind the fact that fuel tends to increase in volume when hot, therefore, it should not be filled.

Generators are highly useful for the commercial spaces and industries, but taking care of these bog machines are highly crucial. From installation to operation to refuelling, everything should be done properly to increase the generator’s life and to avoid any accident.


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