Compare The Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

There are different types of vacuum cleaners to choose from out there, clicca qui to check the list of some of the best vacuum cleaners out there in the market. You have to be first equipped with the popular ones. That is, to know more or less know what suits your home, your preferences, and your impeccable taste.

  • Upright vacuum cleaners

are typically the traditional and most popular kind of vacuum cleaners. Traditionally, it comes with a bag to store dust but more modern designs offer bagless one for easy and economical clean up. From its name, it stands upright, making it easy to store and retrieve whenever it is needed.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners

or more popularly known as Canister are best used for hard to reach areas. It has usually a hose that is connected on a vacuum head and on a separated unit, its motor, and dust collector. You can actually put different heads on the hose for different tasks. Best for stairs and other vertical surfaces such as bare floors, drapes, upholstery, and under your furniture. It is a bit hard to drag around your house but if you won’t ever want to get every spec of dirt in your house, it’s definitely worth it. It’s also a bit bulky and hard to store compared to an upright vacuum cleaner.

  • Hand-held vacuum cleaners

are mostly battery operated (rechargeable), but, some are still mains powered. Practically lightweight and best for small spills, hard to reach areas, and cars. They do lack suction power and of course little capacity for dust because of it being portable.

  • Central vacuum cleaners

or also called built-in or ducted are a type of canister vacuum cleaner. It is somewhat similar to a canister but it is easier to use. You don’t have to drag this cleaner as all you need is the hose and the head to be carried around your house because the house is commonly 25 ft long. It is a bit pricey than the canister vacuums and a bit hard to store because of the long hose. It can usually hold a hefty amount of dust, so you won’t have to throw the bag or dust every now and then. Connecting points are fitted to the walls of the rooms to make easier connecting and a shorter hose is needed.

  • Robotic vacuum cleaners

lets you relax while they do the job of cleaning your home. It works alone in a pattern called a “random bounce”. Usually powered by batteries some are really smart to charge themselves up and some are able to also empty their containers for dust as well. Well, this vacuum machine is pretty useful but has limited suction power. It also can tend to lock itself up in a room, and miss edges.

  • Stick vacuums

more like an upright vacuum cleaner but lighter. It is easy to handle and are available either corded or mostly battery operated (rechargeable). This is best for quick clean up. But a bit hard to use on ceilings, hard to reach places and carpets. It has little capacity for dust or dirt and is quite a bit noisy compared to other vacuum cleaners.

Most of the latest models are bagless vacuum cleaners. Some even have powerful suction thanks to modern technologies. Vacuum cleaners are getting more intelligent. It will really boil down on your needs on which hoover will match your expectations and needs. Happy VC hunting!


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