Zika virus is a flavivirus transmitted primarily by the bite of an infected aedes mosquito. In Colombia, a country with a population of 48 million, Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes are the species that are most commonly found at elevations below 2000 m above sea level. Trans...
2015 has been a landmark year for global development. The new development agenda, approved in September 2015 – Sustainable Development Goals or the 2030 Agenda – audaciously proposes 17 comprehensive goals – that go from the eradication of extreme poverty to the combat of climate change – with 1...
ABSTRACT The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) galvanized attention, resources and accountability on a small number of health concerns of low- and middle-income countries with unprecedented results. The international community is presently developing a set of Sustainable Development Goals as the successor framework ...
ABSTRACT OBJECTIVE: to analyze the socio-familial and community inclusion and social participation of people with disabilities, as well as their inclusion in occupations in daily life. METHOD: qualitative study with data collected through open interviews concerning the participants' life histories and syste...
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