AFK Story- Attacking Mechanics for Defense Countering

There is a systematic way to keep yourself going towards the path to victory whether it is in real life or even fictional video games that would help you in finding the way yourself without taking the help of anybody.

What is important is that you should never lose focus from the goal until and unless it is accomplished and it goes to show that if you are perfect in tackling reel life problems, it gives you the strength and motivation to do the same in real life as well but for now we shall focus on the fictional world of video games.

Now, who doesn’t enjoy playing some wonderful games that provide you the necessary entertainment from the grim tidings of Covid-19? The new millennium has come out with some interesting gaming ventures like AFK Arena that has taken the nation’s youth by storm and is on its way to become as well known as its older counter parts like Contra and Dangerous Dave.

Great Players

AFK Arena is a game of cards that is of intellectual quality that involves two different teams on the opposite sides that have to claim leadership over the kingdom of Esperia so take care to put your team into battle with the choicest heroes in the frontline in order to achieve supremacy.

The best players involved are mostly damsels, which is quite astonishing as they normally are distressed fatales that are harassed by the bad guys and later on rescued by the heroes but in this case things are pretty different.

  • Estrilda-

The best one of the lot as she is considered the leader of her group called Lightbearer, which is saying something as it consists of formidable warriors but what makes her standout is her commitment to the job at hand and she doesn’t rest until the enemies are vanquished and has been rightfully termed ‘Knight of Valor’ by her compatriots

  • Belinda-

She is what you call ‘beauty with brains’ but with the additional bonus of exceptional fighting skills that has made Lightbearers a fearful team for the enemy because her main skill is attacking without warning instead of simply defending her faction but with a strategically planned scheme that is foolproof and ends up a success

  • Raine-

Next in line is Raine, who is pretty agile and fast moving in nature due to great reflexes that makes it impossible for her to stay put for a long time and this proves to be a great headache for the enemy

  • Gwyneth-

She is the proverbial shooter that can be called a modern day Hawk Eye as she is an expert wielder of the bow and can shoot arrows at the blink of an eye that always finds its mark but what makes it excellent is that she can do so by closing her eyes and listening to the sound


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