6 Different Types Of Companies That Produces Cbd Products Worldwide

There are a lot of misconceptions about the difference between full spectrum and pure CBD oil, but it’s not as confusing as you think. Here is everything you need to know.

Most people think that because full spectrum CBD products contain other cannabinoids like THC they can’t be considered legal in all 50 states across America. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you want to buy CBD oil legally, you should always look for a full spectrum product. It has been scientifically proven that these oils work best when there is a wide range of cannabinoids present including CBD. This is why most reputable companies opt to use the term “full spectrum.”

When it comes to buying CBD oil, there are two main types. One is CBD isolate or CBD crystal which contains only one cannabinoid; CBD. The second is CBD full spectrum or CBD extract which also includes many other cannabinoids such as THC. In general, full spectrum products have more CBD while pure CBD products have less.

To sum it up, full spectrum CBD products will give you more of your desired effects while pure CBD will give you more relaxation. However, both types of CBD products are perfectly safe to consume.

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Here are some of the best full spectrum CBD products available right now:

1. Pure CBD Hemp Flower

This is by far the purest form of CBD on the market. Pure CBD hemp flower is made with 99% pure CBD extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant. If you go through our list of best CBD products, you’ll find a few brands listed under full spectrum that also sell their own version of 100% pure CBD. This is because some people prefer that type of CBD over others.

While it may seem like a small difference, it does make a big difference when trying to figure out what works best for you!

We love Pure CBD hemp flower because it gives you the maximum amount of CBD possible without any other additives. When we talk about full spectrum CBD, we mean CBD in its natural state. Most companies use an extraction process to produce their CBD products so there are other ingredients mixed in.

That means that even if you take a full spectrum CBD oil product, there might still be traces of THC in there. While this is technically allowed, it is highly discouraged especially since CBD is already being legalized at a state level. Plus, having trace amounts of THC in your body can cause unwanted side effects.

When choosing a brand, look for something that has high-quality ingredients with no additional chemicals added. You’ll also notice that the price tag tends to be higher than other products. That’s because hemp flower requires a much longer growing period compared to other plants. Also, it takes two years before a hemp plant turns into flowers.

2. Grown Alchemist

Another great option is Grown Alchemist’s full spectrum CBD. They extract their CBD from organic hemp plants grown in Colorado using CO2 supercritical extraction. This method is known for producing the highest quality CBD that’s free from impurities, toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents.

Because of this process, Grown Alchemy’s CBD is also called “clean” CBD. Unlike the other brands on this list, Grown Alchemy doesn’t add any fillers either. Their CBD is completely natural and will provide you the same benefits as other full spectrum CBD oils.

3. Charlotte’s Web

This is another company that uses supercritical CO2 extraction. Charlotte’s Web’s full spectrum CBD oil is produced entirely in Colorado and uses organic hemp plants to grow their CBD. This makes it one of the most trusted names in the industry because they produce their CBD in the safest way possible.

They don’t use any harsh chemicals or other additives during the manufacturing process. Instead, they only use whole plant extracts. This allows them to create a truly clean and clear CBD oil that provides a large amount of CBD with every dose.

You won’t find any fillers here either. As an added bonus, their CBD is also derived from hemp seed oil instead of the flowers. This results in a more potent and balanced product that will provide you with even deeper relief than CBD flower would.

4. Kush Bottles

A new player in the game is Kush Bottles. They are based in Oakland California and specialize in creating all-natural, non-psychoactive cannabis concentrates and cannabis-infused edibles. Their goal was to create a line of products that are easy to use and don’t require any cooking skills.

Their CBD bottles are also designed to be convenient and portable. They come in different sizes and include a dropper top cap that prevents spills. There’s also a locking mechanism to keep the lid secure until needed.

5. CBD+

Another brand you may have heard of is CBD+. They started out in 2014 as a medical marijuana dispensary that sold CBD products alongside THC-based cannabis. Today, they focus solely on CBD products and have become one of the biggest players in the industry.

Unlike other brands on this list, CBD+ uses a proprietary extraction process that they call CO2. This produces a CBD oil that is 99.9% pure CBD (and 0.01% THC). This is why you see a lot of brands calling their CBD products “pure.”

CBD+ prides themselves on using the lowest amount of CBD possible to ensure that they are able to put out a premium product. This is why they offer a huge variety of options including tinctures, capsules, vape pens, patches, creams, and more. All of their products are manufactured in the USA using organic hemp plants.

6. Purity Caffeine Free

Purity Caffeine Free is another company that focuses purely on CBD products. They claim to be the first CBD company to offer 100% caffeine-free cannabidiol. Purity Caffeine Free utilizes USDA certified organic hemp and offers a wide selection of CBD products including oils, edibles, and tinctures.

Purity Caffeine Free uses a whole-plant extraction process that ensures all of the beneficial components of the plant are left intact. To protect against environmental contamination, they source their hemp from Colorado farms that are tested regularly for pesticides and other harmful substances. And unlike some brands, they do not use any synthetic additives.

One thing to note about Purity Caffeine Free is that they do not test their products for contaminants. So, you can expect to receive a product that is fully safe for consumption.


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